8:35 PM
Pegasus, Raseiniai, K winter, Dinant,
Carentan, Berlin streets, Edsons,
Bastogne, Bizerte, Foy,...
8:28 PM
There aren't many maps suitable for late night population. Operation Forager, Chartres, Alpenfestung, Pavlov, Leyte Gulf 2.. I think el ala is too big. Reichsbahn and Eagles Nest might be too big.
7:19 PM
Btw, I dont know who decreased start delay down to 60 sec, but if you do so, you can leave it out completely ^^
6:05 PM
it is that much overplayed that players will become annoyed and leave the
server when it comes again.
6:03 PM
@E-3: It is not a problem for me coz I
don't play it that often. I am just saying that I know what is going to happen
coz we've seen that with El Ala. There will be a point when
3:13 PM
even el-alamein isn't being set that Much. I guess that is what happens when you want a map
that isn't infantry and tank battle with a below 10 people population.
3:11 PM
marduk I agree that Alpenfestung 1945 is now the most overplayed map on the server
the problem is people always set this map or want this map late at night when nobody is left on the server
6:25 PM

Not true! I watched bam bam on death cam and he collected ammo at an uncap flag and after it was not there anylonger...
5:54 PM
What can one say except people enjoy fisting
5:13 PM
We are close to the point where
Alpenfucking will reduce player number on server, like El Ala does, coz it's
ridiculously overplayed
1:53 PM
sry for caps btw BAM BAM was attacking uncaps and sounds like hes German so can someone German tell him to BAM BAM off
1:52 PM
8:08 PM
stay in Ontario, we can't waste our time to rescue a missing canadian again... beer I love you Canikki love
2:09 PM
"In the process"?
You still using modem? teehee
9:49 PM
But I'm in the process of downloading fhsw again.
I love fhsw, though it pisses me off at times, by fat best game and mod I've ever played