10:04 AM
Looks like .611 is a pile of crap. sad
0:01 AM
Sorry guys I have no ability to reset server. Crashed 1AM server time halfway through a round of Breaktrhough.
6:19 PM
wow! i coming! afro
2:53 PM
ban-hammer.... angel2
1:41 PM
The hand of god?
1:14 PM
who knows.... angel
10:54 AM
10:36 AM
@lampo: Are u ok? Can u play again?
9:57 AM
the ban is near.... angel1
7:31 PM
Friday Fightnight! biggrin
2:00 PM
1121 is hosting CM right now heres IP

link to maps https://twitter.com/akari1121aA/status/1277221440740188161
9:00 PM
Same for me
6:09 PM
3 players inculding me has issues on joining in westminister map. Game crashes to desktop on loading. What causes that?
1:40 PM
Stupid smartphone.... Besy = best
1:38 PM
Ehi, bounch of bannable players, how are you ? In 2 weeks i will be on-line again. My old lappi is definitively out. The stupid PC store is waiting for his besy lazy custoner ah