3:17 AM
YES FHSW 0.7 new version

Join Fhsw discord too:
5:36 PM
Event today, i got up early start soon? im on discord.
9:38 PM
i can't load the map. is there again a new update?
9:34 PM
Desert Hill = No Good no one can load
9:49 PM
Can someone post link to most recent S&T pack? I think I need to reinstall the init.con file so I get ragdoll back.
7:33 PM
Sound&Texture pack may crash you on some maps - recommended to disable it until its updated
11:07 AM
!!! FHSW 0.7 WAS PUBLISHED TODAY 17TH JANUARY, DOWNLOAD https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AHtn8cBIT9F2bXj6Krr8q7sjpzYHad38/view?usp=sharing
1:44 AM
7:55 PM
Download, open 3.4b folder and paste 3 folders bf1918, bf1919, xmas1918 into ../Battlefield 1942/Mods: https://www.moddb.com/mods/battlefield-1918/downloads/battlefield-1918-34b-patch
7:54 PM
BF1918 mod was updated on 25th December - please download new version
5:35 PM
Base rape from planes is allowed. Everything else no
10:57 AM
Thank you all for yesterday's game BF1918.what the hell happened yesterday at the Bocage?as far as I know, basic rap is prohibited.Or is it something else?
11:14 PM
hi mardikki, i was in hospital for my therapy. Next friday I'll be in... I hope blow blow
8:11 PM
Lampo: This Friday fightnight - will you be there? booze
9:01 PM
hey lampo