6:19 PM
Ivo, get back to the server!
10:38 PM
Nobody on the server wacko
7:12 AM
at least u are being honest this time
5:31 PM
Germany getting aggressive at Poland again this time you're on your own
7:20 AM
you are not an admin rafal, you have
no idea about our rm and the settings. Just shut up when you have nothing to say, Mr afk.
0:25 AM
marduk what are u talking, maybe admin did set more time for players still playing cause he has had to leave server?
7:09 PM
5:13 PM
Round time limit has been left again at
43 mins... stupid idiots
9:01 AM
Sorry gameplayer, I wanted to join, but there was nobody and I was tired
6:10 PM
Thursday players?
Anybody coming?
6:15 PM
Twas more of a suggestion than a reprimand Major, I'm not Edward the Longshanks or anything! king
8:55 PM
I was reprimanded by duck about the ftk function which I had no idea of. Can't be the first how about an occasional prompt in the chat about it like what's done for mappacks
7:17 PM
nooooo Luigi nooooo dont
8:26 PM
I banned Heere Sud for 1 day starting 30 mins ago. He was kicked for bragging about his "Aryan purity" and when he rejoined and insulted admins I banned him for the day. He has no excuses
5:29 PM
No, it wasnt yesterday. Chatbox only
displays the time... it was some day
this week.