8:42 PM
there are links here on mainpage, big orange letters in upper part. you put it as separate minimod into ..Battlefield 1942/mods
8:41 PM
griineyes, you need FHSWEurope minimod too
11:11 PM
and replaced it to pervious one, but i still can't join the server. anyone can help me please?
11:09 PM
hi guys. as i tried to join "203 hill 1904" or "battle of gela 1943" maps. i got the error that map not found. i downloaded version 0.701 and move the folder to my directory and re
4:51 PM
My login works again smile
10:46 PM
Please support the forum with new information. It needs no register or download. A Forum is the best way for the future,
6:12 PM
on soviet*
6:12 PM
moscow outskirts, kharkov outskirts, a day of zitadelle. all 3 maps or soviet main bases
6:36 AM
which maps have the dogs,i want to test
12:38 PM
Paste folder FHSWEurope into ..Battlefield 1942/Mods. NOT into FHSW folder!
11:24 PM
Getting map not found with new minimod here too.
9:54 PM
further testing getting map not found when map is in folder
9:25 PM
guangi wont load says map not found,map there try to load it CTD.
6:32 PM
Server updated with minimod. Please use links on right to download!
Event on sunday! See u there.
7:32 PM
FHSW-Europe minimod will be released on 12th March (Tuesday), server will be updated on the same day! Prepare to download!