6:59 PM
Should be fixed now biggrin lol stupid game settings
11:12 PM
bubu, unfortunately main server has still problem with autobalance broken
10:55 PM
major promised in GBP, now is trying to move it to on me lol
3:53 PM
thanks bubu never again must FISTING be banned in these dark times.
rafal will have to do an IOU but i will donate in his stead
10:45 PM
Got no change, so restored the controls to normal, and now I leave this in the hands of the IT gods.
10:44 PM
Something is wrong with the autobalance on the server. It works for half a map then keeps the teams fucked up at like 8 v 4 and 9 v 3. I tried moving smart balance and autobalance controls but no chan
7:24 PM
It is back now. restarted server. Our 10 millions now pls :D:D:D:D:D gg
5:42 PM
MAJOR it will be back soon trust me smile
5:41 PM
Hah how we supose to believe that XD when he doesn't even play fhsw, but instead he's afk 90% of the time.
3:33 PM
rafal has promised to donate 10,000,000 euros if you reinstate FISTING
9:05 PM
Happy new year marduk and other + bubu + E-3 + raven + etc everybody. newyear thumb wine nuke holiday hooray beer
8:10 PM
happy ban year beer
6:50 PM
YES! Come celebrate with destruction, or hate the celebrations and do even more destruction! YAY
4:39 PM
snack wine