1:04 AM
Hi ashfaqur, i think you have to make 3 replies to already started forum threads before you can start your own thread.
11:26 PM
help me pls
11:25 PM
I cannot make a new thread. It says that
"The users with under 3 posts cannot make a thread"
11:25 PM
I am new to FH mod and this forum.
11:23 PM
8:50 PM
8:03 PM
ther's only an option: ban all cap
10:39 PM
Thanks all I what others to understand is when a player glitches under mesh and other potential asshats see this they will do. Just think then
6:38 PM
Glitching in trench ON PURPOSE and doing kamikaze on maps repetitively and saying "sorry" is bs, I dont like bs.
6:37 PM
ANYWAY.... Yes, I agree with 1 week ban for Gatete the next time he does that again. He keeps doing that shit even after 1-day timeout and even joins under different nicks.
3:54 PM
@majormasterbates your comment could be funny or on the other had not so lool I know how it works.
3:46 PM
@marduk was not advice was a complaint. I won't waste my time giving you my advice.
2:47 PM
also anyone want to play l4d2 sometime
2:46 PM
spoken like a true German biggrin
2:24 PM
@PFCbluemax: WE decide when or
why we kick/ban people and we do
NOT need people giving us advice in