10:44 AM
Welcome back, Death!
8:46 AM
Deathy WB, and Ban beer
8:39 PM
This time you FUCKING stay, DEATH! biggrin
6:10 PM
oooooh New Site..... shock death
12:16 PM
And I'd win it cool first
11:32 AM
Well fuck fellas looks like I've missed some fun, CanukAttak nominates AIR TROLL aka starking* for the first BAN lottery!
8:43 PM
LOL, Ban Lottery +
5:10 PM
Yeah, good idea clap
1:41 PM
We should make lottery for random
ban every sunday event.
10:59 AM
An useless Ban, it's my dream ah
And i wasn't there to see it
Then, how are our brasilian and USA friends. I hope all the best for them.
9:01 AM
:D:D:D yes lampi, it was lampi-ban-simulation lol my mouse lagged in remote server session and clicked ban out of blue, poor Jim xD
7:32 AM
Ban, who said Ban..... Nice job clap
7:04 PM
Sorry Jim Lahey for misclick ban today X)
4:01 PM
bubu please upload new Alaska 1948 to test server so we can do some testing
5:31 PM
Le fu