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A troll named Korsakov (r)
mardukDate: Monday, 2017-04-17, 7:15 AM | Message # 1
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A few days ago we banned Korsakov for cheating.

A lot of players had complained about him before and Winbean asked me if we could ban him. I said no because I did not think that he was cheating at that time.

One week later Canuk and me played against a guy named Viktor. He had the same "superpower" that Korsakov had in the past: he seemed to see every enemy even through walls and therefore was always one step ahead. We think he was cheating and banned him. On the forum Viktor revealed himself as Korsakov. He was wondering why I banned him because one week before I was fine with him playing on our server he said.

I say he used the name Viktor to cover his cheating. Players who do not have to hide something do not use different names.
But "Viktor" got banned nevertheless. He became angry with me and then made the mistake to reveal himself as Korsakov on the forum.

We do not have a proof for the cheating apart from what we all have seen. We do not need more than that because we are not in a trial. We have many, many players and admins who all have the same feeling about his gameplay. This is enough reason for us. It is a private server and if we all have the same feeling about somebody we can ban him. There is no natural right for people to play on our server. Also, Korsakovs behaviour using different names was very suspicious.

And now he is revealing himself as what he is: a troll. He ignores the ban and keeps connecting to the server with different IPs and CD-Keys and the names of other players and admins.
He wants to show us that he is smarter. It is just about that.

I appeal to you not to spread rumors like "Korsakov crashed our server". I do not believe that he is smart enough to do so. Cheating and using different names, CD-Keys and IPs is one thing. But to crash a server needs a lot more skill. FHSW has always been crashing randomly. A crash that occures at a time we got trouble with somebody means nothing.

Just keep calm. We have a great community and we will find a way to deal with this idiot. Let him not divide us.

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo.

Marduk aka Postduk
Born-1942Date: Wednesday, 2017-04-19, 2:36 AM | Message # 2
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Well that's a bit annoying on the part of him to use cheat and being a cheater is something that you will not take anything with it and it will only harm you, even being on the internet because it shows who you are in his case a complete idiot. 
But I really hope he regrets and apologize to us because that's not cool. I also felt something strange about him that I have never seen in other longtime players here.

Nicknames BornDarkness and Soldado da Wehrmacht
XenanabDate: Wednesday, 2017-04-19, 9:32 AM | Message # 3
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I definitely agree with Marduk on the point that the blatant spreading of rumours has to stop. Both ingame and the shoutbox.  If there are issues please discuss them on the forum or private with the staff.

Especially open complaints of possible hackers ingame have to stop, since it distrackts from the game and spoils the fun of all participants as a whole. In my opinion a "no hackusations" rule could be enforced on the server... it sometimes really feels like the obligatory "WTF haXxxxxx!" accusations of CoD kiddy servers here.

Like I said: If there are issues please use the dedicated "Complaint Area" here on the forums.
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