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[FHSW] Europe 0.611 Server:
Any Information about the [FHSW] Europe Server
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Thread: [FHSW] Europe in social media
Posted by: twistedkebabface
Infos about the events on the [FHSW] Europe Community Server.
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Posted by: marduk
For fair play on our servers - please read the server rules!!! German and English languages supported !
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Thread: Tobruk - Question regarding ...
Posted by: twistedkebabface
Support & Help:
Any problems with FHSW,FH or BF42? Post here and we will help you!
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Thread: Cant move around ingame
Posted by: Lampo
Complaint Area
Kicked or banned from the server? Problems with other players....please post it here!
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Thread: Time to remove/mod signal fl...
Posted by: Lampo
Suggestions for Events, Severersettigs,... fell free to post it here!
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Thread: Desert Combat Mods
Posted by: basilonemoh7

Welcome to the [FHSW] Europe Community!
Do you have a BF42 mod or event to announce? Post here!
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Thread: BF1918 v3.4 Release New Anim...
Posted by: Laux
Want to start mapping for FHSW? Than look here!
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Thread: Server-side modding 0.61 - N...
Posted by: jeanstoneze
FHSW Corner
FHSW Infos, News and Downloads. Here belongs all questions about FHSW.
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Thread: Mappack 4 (m)
Posted by: Laux
Forgotten Honor
Everything about the FHT Campaigns for BF1942
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Thread: F|H Bf1918 #5 "Return of the Crusaders" Campaign
Posted by: timothyhughes109
Clan Board
Here you can introduce your clan and invite to clanwars
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WWII History Area
Historical Battlefield Research
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Thread: Worst Military Leaders in Hi...
Posted by: basilonemoh7
English Language
The World Language
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Thread: Ukraine War
Posted by: basilonemoh7
German Language
Deutsche Sprache
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Thread: Deutscher Support & Thread (m)
Posted by: Stefan1990
Polish Language
Język polski
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Thread: FHSW - Polish Clan (r)
Posted by: slobodan
Russian Language
Русский язык
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Thread: Русский форум умер? (m)
Posted by: halcorac

Other Games:
Red Orchestra
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Forgotten Hope 2
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World of Tanks
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Thread: Show your tanks! (r)
Posted by: DesertFox284
Post Scriptum
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Thread: What is Post Scriptum? (r)
Posted by: marduk

Technical Support:
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Thread: Hardware specs and what hardware is appropriate for FHSW (m)
Posted by: starking018
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Thread: BF1942 Server Widget (r)
Posted by: OPTIMUS

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