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Tobruk - Question regarding northen path
the_naturatDate: Saturday, 2022-06-18, 11:47 PM | Message # 1
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Hi All,

Just to avoid future confusion, I`d like to know admins` opinion regarding the Tobruk tactic for the italians.

Is it allowed to flank the enemy via north shore path (from C4 to E4 sectors, see map below), crossing red zone and swimming to avoid being killed by map boundary? Or not?



I don`t know how to change my profile name here lol

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ducraven000Date: Sunday, 2022-06-19, 0:36 AM | Message # 2
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The path should be allowed ONLY in the case you are going to cap the flags 1, otherwise is not if you are about to precap 2 and eventually ruin the map

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DeathDate: Sunday, 2022-06-19, 9:02 PM | Message # 3
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so I spoke with the other admins, using paths like that IS FINE.
However, if you're team is attacking Flags 1, then you are allowed to use the path to get behind flag 1. 
You cannot enter flag 2, sit near it, pre-cap it. you can only use the path to flank behind flag 1.

Once your team has flag 1, you may use the path to attack flag 2 ONLY if it is cappable by your team.

no waiting to precap. because if you cap it early, and then the enemy recaps flag 1, you break the map and ruin the game for everyone.
just be smart.

twistedkebabfaceDate: Monday, 2022-06-20, 6:41 PM | Message # 4
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good old gamerules threads

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