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Forum » [FHSW Europ] FHSW 0.61 Server: » Infos: » It is time to order a new server (r) (Summary of discussion so far + options for a new server)
It is time to order a new server (r)
starking018Date: Sunday, 2018-11-25, 8:19 AM | Message # 1
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It is the end of the month and I think that it is time to finalize the discussion in the thread "Our main server is offline and Wewak is unreachable" and turn to action. This is a chance for more people to understand what is going on without having to go through the whole thread, and to participate. Here's a summary of the discussion so far: the contract and the account at the provider for our current server are in the name of Wewak (current "account owner"), who we are no longer able to make contact with. Despite this, we've somehow managed to keep the billing going and remote access working, but it is not reliable, it has failed several times already and likely will fail again, and now we have to get a new server so that we will have proper control and have things work normally. For players the main difference will be that the IP address for connecting to the server will change (this is unavoidable, but it's no big deal, as we have seen before).

The options (selected among what we looked at):
    1. The easiest one is the one closest to what we had (I consider it the default option): Order another server from the same provider (Hetzner) with almost identical hardware (CPU: Core i7-3770), in the same location (Germany). The price would be about €29/month (which is a lot lower than before, mostly thanks to RADIOSMERSH offering to provide a Windows Server licence). This price includes 19% VAT. If the contract is in the name of someone in the EU or Russia there would be VAT around that percentage. That could be: (and I'm nominating them, but I don't know if they'd accept) Lampo, Robert, Marduk, RADIOSMERSH, E-3, Bubu among others. The price would be €24.37 if there is no VAT, as it is for people from most other countries, such as CanukAttak's. We'd have the possibility to change the account owner, if necessary.
    2. Another option we found and examined is a server from SoYouStart. The faster hardware would save everyone about 10 seconds each time we are waiting for the map to change. The increase in the speed of the hardware over option 1 is roughly proportional to the price increase. The server is located in France, so there would be a small change in your ping latency, positive or negative, depending on your location. The price would be about €35/month + one off initial fee of €20. This price excludes VAT, and this is the price that RADIOSMERSH believes he'd be charged as a Russian (and definitely this price for CanukAttak as a Canadian). If we have to change the account owner again to someone in the EU we may end up having to pay more due to VAT, or order another server again.

In my opinion both options are good. The technical differences are relatively minor. I think that I should abstain from voting among these options, other than calling the first option the default option, but I defer my vote to the people who are going to be donating money.

Air Troll a.k.a. starking018
mardukDate: Sunday, 2018-11-25, 8:43 AM | Message # 2
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So basically the question is either stick with what we know and what is working out quite good (Hetzner) or try something new. Although I would like to try out a new server I think option 1 is the better and also cheaper solution.

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo.
LampoDate: Sunday, 2018-11-25, 5:47 PM | Message # 3
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buona sera  teehee

Tomorrow I have to pay for next month  so I wil do again. We have some time more to decide the best solution but we have to do asap. I prefer to stay on the old way, so the first solution is better. In addition, I don't like spend my money for French stuff rolleyes . But for the new server I can't be the server account holder because I'm sick and I don't know which kind of therapy I have to do... ( I will know all in 2/3 weeks... strange Xmas present this year  santahat   ). In any case I will do my part to support any cost.


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bubuDate: Sunday, 2018-11-25, 6:03 PM | Message # 4
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I replied to old thread http://fhsw-europ.ucoz.de/forum/2-884-8 .......
Forum » [FHSW Europ] FHSW 0.61 Server: » Infos: » It is time to order a new server (r) (Summary of discussion so far + options for a new server)
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