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Forum » [FHSW] Europe 0.611 Server: » Support & Help: » bf1942.exe dont start anymore... (r)
bf1942.exe dont start anymore... (r)
RYDate: Friday, 2015-01-09, 7:19 PM | Message # 21
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Quote starking018 ()
See if you have removed or added optical drives (CD/DVD/BD) or maybe even virtual drives such as those that come with Daemon Tools, Nero, etc.
Hm... It must be stored somewhere in registry or in config files / cache...  But I tryed completely uninstalling BF... including deleting all the game files and cleaning registry... And that didn't help.
Btw, I'm not using the real optical drives for many years already... :D Since like 2001-2003 I used CD/DVD drives only for writing bootable cds/dvds and rarely for writing audio-cds for cd-players. :D But I usualy have many virtual drives (2-8+) and restoring them to "how they used to be N time ago" would be complicated.

Anyway, I reinstalled OS recently and BF works again so...

[Drink Sq] RadYogh
starking018Date: Saturday, 2015-05-16, 11:09 PM | Message # 22
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I had to temporarily disconnect my optical drive just today and I was able to run the game by using one of the BF1942.exe files found here: http://team-simple.org/download/ (Battlefield 1942 v1.612 Retail patched). Noted for future reference.

Added (2015-05-16, 10:09 PM)
@juribeythien, @Dutch:

This happens if you have extra map files in the map folder (\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives\bf1942\levels). Don't just rename the old map file or move it to a subfolder within that folder. Replace it, or if you want to have a backup - move it to a different folder away from the game folder.

So check if you have any .RFA (map) files that should not be there, and if so, delete or move them. Also check the levels folders for FH (\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels) and for bf1942 (\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels) if you've touched those recently.

Also, @juribeythien, check my previous post here if this doesn't work.

Air Troll a.k.a. starking018

Message edited by starking018 - Saturday, 2015-05-16, 11:12 PM
bubuDate: Sunday, 2015-05-17, 3:07 PM | Message # 23
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Also, you must have ONLY .RFA files in \Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels folder.  No .rar or other files as I recall... console
Forum » [FHSW] Europe 0.611 Server: » Support & Help: » bf1942.exe dont start anymore... (r)
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