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Forum » [FHSW] Europe 0.611 Server: » Complaint Area » I am tired to alpenfestung map. (I need to talk about this.)
I am tired to alpenfestung map.
pfcbluemaxDate: Sunday, 2020-12-27, 2:19 AM | Message # 21
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Hi guys I didn't download it but still know how any questions let me know.
waldhurzakDate: Sunday, 2020-12-27, 2:24 AM | Message # 22
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something major , as 1 long map on event?

Best Bf1942 version for FHSW:

MAJORMASTERBATESDate: Sunday, 2020-12-27, 2:00 PM | Message # 23
Group: Bronze Donator
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rafal FISTING will return in due time apparently. Maybe when its stopped pissing people off we can have 3 hours event of it, you can be AFK for 1 hour of it to make it special.
mardukDate: Monday, 2020-12-28, 8:21 AM | Message # 24
Group: Admins
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We can actually really make an "Alpenfestung" event. We played that once. It consists of

Eagles Nest 1945
Eagles Nest 1946

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo.

Marduk aka Postduk
basilonemoh7Date: Tuesday, 2020-12-29, 10:40 PM | Message # 25
Group: Trusted
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There is a location on the server where it looks for map cycles. The maps run as the order they are in and checked in the tool. There are specific names that the cycles must be named. Yes, the server has to be restarted each day like 7 a.m. German time; Windows Server has Task Scheduler which can be used with the restart command which is built in.

First you put all the maps into a spreadsheet based on recommended players per map and by front - West, South, East, Pacific.
Then you create 7 different map cycles called Sunday - Saturday in a spreadsheet.
Then you create each map cycle by arranging the maps in the tool and exporting WITHOUT saving.
This takes 2 hours for an old hand admin.

 It really isn't that bad. I used to create them, email Bluemax, and he would ftp in and place the cycles on the server.

If not,

Cheers and Happy New Year!


John Basilone
Medal of Honor Winner
KIA Iwo Jima

Message edited by basilonemoh7 - Tuesday, 2020-12-29, 10:54 PM
Forum » [FHSW] Europe 0.611 Server: » Complaint Area » I am tired to alpenfestung map. (I need to talk about this.)
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