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This is not going to work out (r)
mardukDate: Monday, 2019-03-04, 8:58 AM | Message # 1
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Old problem on the server lately: everybody is waiting for the other players to join first and it takes hours to even reach 10-15 players (but then everybody shows up within one-two rounds and we are 30-40).

Hey kids, this is not gonna work out: because if everybody waits for the others to join first, nobody will join when there are only a few players on the server. Do you understand that?

Of cause we sometimes reach higher player numbers later the night but 1. those numbers don't last as long and 2. they aren't as high as they could be.

The selfishness of players (and admins!) avoiding the first couple of maps with few players and lesser fun fucks up the whole player number in the end.

And this is why we cancelled the event last night: it was set for 7 PM and there were only 5-6 players on the server around that time. Later we had more, but I don't want anybody to get used to us postponing events and thus rewarding the selfishness. Because next what could happen is everybody gets used to it and then it will be even later.

So be nice kids next time and join at 7 PM again and everybody will be happy icecream

The server lives because of you, not because of the others. Think about that.

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo.

Marduk aka Postduk
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