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Battlegroup RC 2 Release + Facebook + Wikia! (r)
LauxDate: Wednesday, 2015-11-11, 4:31 PM | Message # 1
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Today we want you to Battlegroup42 RC 2 Release Present, which yesterday fresh (see here): flown Facebook, or been published. Now it is finally possible to play back
Battlegroup42 in COOP mode. Already a few days ago the Battlegroup42
server was consequently upgraded to version RC2. There were some bugs
and issues from previous versions RC1 resolved and the COOP mode honed.
But that's not enough, it gets even with new content on top.

Battlegroup42 RC2 Nov 1st, 2015 Final Release: Download

Newly added to the Map "3912-Kunlun_Pass", the Map is about a battle that
took place around 1940 in southern China. The Japanese wanted to stop
the supply routes of the Chinese by Vietnam so that, while it came to
clashes between Chinese and Japanese. The Chinese drummed together your
armored units and inflicted a great defeat to Japan so.
The idea for this map came from the Custom Map "Operation Rolling Barrage" which
widerum based on the "Battlefield Vietnam" Map "Fall of Lang Vei".

Our second new map takes place in northern Europe between forests and lakes
and is called "4407-Battle_of_Ihantala", this is about the summer
offensive in 1944 by the Soviets against the Finns.
The Soviets were materially and outnumbered, but no capital against the Finns were able
to beat it for weeks. At that time the Finns were supported by Swedish
volunteers and the German Assault Gun Battalion, which made it possible
to fill the map with German participation against the Soviets. The
"Ihantala" Map was originally created by zara5ustra.

Now for the big "conceptual model number 5"
these were included in the previous release already partly Battlegroup42 RC1,
but these were not yet be traveled in the news department.
Let us begin with the medium bombers and torpedo launchers Ilyushin, shortly
IL-4. This was 1941-1945 for the Soviet Air Force in action. Range and
high load, made this aircraft at that time so special. There were
shortcomings in the defensive armament, which the aircraft vulnerable to
ground fire and Followers machte.Das model comes from "Shanet" and was -
like all models of today's news - coded by "Sarge31FR" Battlegroup42.

The second aircraft of today is the dreaded and legndäre fighter bomber "Republic P-47 Thunderbolt".
It was a single-engine of the largest and heaviest flying machines ever
built. Strong performance and technical reliability made it an important
companion of the US Airforce.
Equipped was the plane with eight 12.7mm MG, bombs and missiles. Target of the bomber were trains, army
columns, ships, railway stations, bridges, factories and other
infrastructure facilities. The new beautifully detailed model represents
a P-47 in the D version with "Razorback". It was designed by "RuppDee"
and replaces the old, rather simple P-47D with "Bubble" -Cockpit roof.

Our next model enlarges the Soviet fleet. The armored car FAI-M modeled by "Gauranga", which was put into service from 1935th
Application was Europe and the Far East until 1942. He has a 7.62mm MG built into a turret.
At that time he was considered not particularly terrain and was protected
only against fragments and small arms fire, but was still popular due to
its reliability in the Soviet reconnaissance units.
In Battlegroup42 the FAI-M will continue on some early maps, where it competes against Japanese and German opponent.

Now we have new maps, aircraft and a vehicle, which is still missing? Yes, a ship put into service in 1936.
The large cargo ship "Ehrenfels" with around 11,000 grt, was created from the fleet specialists "convertible".
When the war began, the Ehrenfels went to the port of Goa and stayed there
until 1943. The British suspected that the crew disembark from
information on the Allied shipping would spark in the home, so tried a
command to conquer the ship. The Ehrenfels crew, however, managed to
sink their ship itself and thus to escape the clutches of the British.
The Ehrenfels had eight sister vessels, which were made as a transporter,
Tender and auxiliary cruiser in the military service. All but two of
these vessels were all sunk. In Battlegroup42 the Ehrenfels exists in
two versions: As a merchant vessel it replaces on maps with German
troops the previous cargo. Heavily armed with guns and torpedoes,
however, is the auxiliary cruiser version, which can be found, inter
alia, on the Objective-Map 4210 Wolfpack. In order to use the weapons,
but the side panels must only be folded down.

If you want to learn more about Battlegroup42 knowledge then looks do drop by the self-created Wikipedia: click

Battlegroup42 also still has a Facebook presence, where their fans can be and share with others: here
LauxDate: Wednesday, 2015-11-11, 4:35 PM | Message # 2
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Battlegroup42 needs a modeller to finish some forgotten vehicle and weapons.

From "Work in progress" section's equipment category (last updated July 1, 2004) of old BattleGroup42 website, there are models created by current (?) and former members that didn't make it into the mod. These are:

I. Geronimo's
Bristol Beaufighter

Messerschmitt Me 210

Mitsubishi J2M Raiden

Westland Whirlwind

II. Haribo's
Carro Veloce L3/33

Fiat L6/40

III. Jammer's
Tupolev Tu-2

IV. Lord Plutonius'
5 cm Pak 38

10.5 cm leFH 18

Watch tower

Some of these models are still there in our archives, waiting for someone to finish them?
Anybody here in bfmods there to do that?

Contact and Conversation:

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shaunsfacebookDate: Thursday, 2020-07-30, 1:10 AM | Message # 3
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When I go to play this MOD it crashes as corrupt data, anyone know what to do?
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