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Texturing attempts (m)
XenanabDate: Saturday, 2018-06-30, 5:56 PM | Message # 1
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recenty crazygamelover made some modifications for the S&T pack which inspired me to do the same. I think I have decent Photoshop skills and decided to build upon his work and modify other different textures.
However I'm not willing to create completely new unwraps to yield higher quality texture .dds files (for example the vanlla components are very low quality).

Like in the Modelling attempts thread this is the place to present  some of the stuff you have have been working on.
Modelling attempts

To get started I commenced working on a map site modification of Ocean Town specific vehicle textures:

This looks like nothing besides the colour change of the inscriptions. But I actually changed the colour tone of the whole paint job which is not that easy to do. You can't just select the whole thing and change the colour palette but have to do some intelligent selecting. Now the vehicles match better with the dusty environment.

My aim is not just to create some other texture modifications for Ocean Town but to include other needed changes for the whole mod as well (more adequate camouflage appearances, better LOD textures, more variation).
This is still Work in Progress of course !

If you also have some texture work that you want to show, then please feel free to post in this thread too smile
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hakansprayDate: Thursday, 2021-01-07, 7:58 PM | Message # 2
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I did some patching up for the Hungarian forces. I've fixed the ear on the "second" face since it was turned in the wrong direction making it show some green and white. I've also added some Hungarian decals on the grey Panzer IV. The Panzer IV was requested for Konstantinovsk some time ago and it would be too little to incorporate into the map per se, though it could be incorporated into the S&T pack or something else for those interested.
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Forum » Welcome to the [FHSW] Europe Community! » FHSW Corner » Texturing attempts (m)
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