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Forum » [FHSW] Europe 0.611 Server: » Suggestions: » It's annoying (auto team balance) (r)
It's annoying (auto team balance) (r)
MannsDate: Friday, 2012-08-10, 4:40 PM | Message # 1
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Hello dear FHSW Admins

Could you pls STOP enabling "team balance", thats just annoying and destroys the gameplay

For example: Santa Anna and Vano go Teamspeak and join Server / (alpenfestung) Anna is axis vano is allies, both of them can't switch team, also if a 3rd guy joins this system bugs.

Second example: I play bombing the reich as axis and I am happy to be able to that because everybody wants to play axis, I run across the airfield and a nooby player just takes off and teamkills me: I get autoswitched to allies player and can not switch back for 50 minuts.

Third example: Players want to know where the haunebu on alpenfestung is, I can't show it to them or anything like that, because auto team is on.....

So pls admins, disable this shit, it has been disabled for several weeks but since today is enabled again and it started pissing me off after 1 minut....
I do not blame any admin for something but pls disable it

thank you

honor and duty

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Endless_NamelessDate: Friday, 2012-08-10, 5:18 PM | Message # 2
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--> moved to suggestions

I agree, we should try it.

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aka eYe.ris
Mr_JDate: Friday, 2012-08-10, 11:46 PM | Message # 3
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Althogh I understand your statement, I can't fully support it. It might be annoying, however it's sometimes necessary. It's comfortable for you, as long as you play on axis side, since as you said, almost everybody want to play the German team, I dunno why. Better armament? Belive me, a situation when some noobs (yes, noobs!) keep joining the opposite group, even if their base team has lower number of players is even worse! How many times we've seen 11 Axis vs. 5 Allied or similiar ratio on the Reich and other maps???

My suggestion for a compromise: Autobalance off ; Smart Balance On (it forces players to switch teams if the difference is 2 or greater)
mardukDate: Saturday, 2012-08-11, 9:02 AM | Message # 4
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@Mr J: I completely agree. No teambalance at all would mess up the gameplay.

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo.

Marduk aka Postduk
Robert_von_EberhahnDate: Saturday, 2012-08-11, 1:32 PM | Message # 5
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smartbalance sounds OK!

Gameserver admin on our FHSW Europ server
Forum » [FHSW] Europe 0.611 Server: » Suggestions: » It's annoying (auto team balance) (r)
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