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Forum » [FHSW] Europe 0.611 Server: » Suggestions: » For everybody who wants more teamplaying (m) (Avoid teamkills & improve your teamplay)
For everybody who wants more teamplaying (m)
mardukDate: Saturday, 2017-11-04, 10:24 AM | Message # 1
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old thread (still relevant): http://fhsw-europ.ucoz.de/forum/22-808-1

About at least half of the teamkills are completely unnecessary because they happen in situations where -even if you was an enemy- you would not be a threat to the player you get teamkilled from or at close range,
where just by a short look at the uniform/weapon/helmet the teamkill could be avoided .

Teamkills can never completely be avoided. But many many teamkills could be avoided if players would just spent a little more time in IDENTIFYING THE TARGET BEFORE SHOTING.
If you are not sure, you can also double-check with the minimap.

At the latest you should start to wonder what is going on when you shot at somebody and "Negative!" "Negative!" "Negative!" is spammed in the teamchat.

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo.

Marduk aka Postduk
CanukAttakDate: Sunday, 2017-11-05, 0:10 AM | Message # 2
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I teamkill, it's hard not to sometimes when you have split second, what I found on Arnhem when Marduk and I were playing as a team, same with lampo, that instead of just running around as a loan wolf work together, take your time. We had 25 kills each before we got team killed. A lot easier way to win a map as well as more fun and no tks. Hence why him and I were a little annoyed cause no one wants to play like that. Then we get team killed. I don't care if I kill Marduk he deserves it. But I try not to with others. So I think if people would work together you would be amazed by the points you make if that's what you care about, as well as a better game and no team kills.
xxpollenzxxDate: Sunday, 2017-11-05, 1:10 AM | Message # 3
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I hate killing units not showed on minimap as allieds, Im hoping that someday that get fixed, is like 80% of my TKs sad
starking018Date: Sunday, 2017-11-05, 2:24 AM | Message # 4
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CanukAttak is right that team play helps a lot in every way, including preventing teamkills. Even if you don't engage in the full interaction of team play, here's something to start with:

While you are going towards an enemy flag or target, long before you reach where the shooting happens, look around you and take a look at the minimap and see where your teammates are, where they are going, what kind of vehicles or weapons they have; in short, what they are doing. Try to remember some of this, try to anticipate where they are going to go and when. There's a lot of multitasking in playing Battlefield, but try to add this task, even if only at a low priority. There's often a lot of boring time spent marching with little worry of being attacked, so that is when you should remember to spend some time to see what your teammates are doing. Then later, when things get more heated, you only need to spend shorter periods of time to get updated on what your nearby teammates are doing, because you're already keeping in mind a lot of what your teammates were doing and were about to do.

For me, it often happens that a lot of higher priority things take my attention for long periods of time in which I neglect to update myself on what my teammates are doing and this is usually when my teamkills happen. So it's good to be able to check at least once every 15-30 seconds or so, even if it is just a quick glance to update yourself on the most important things that are happening. That's one more reason to try to have cover close to you where you could spend some time while being safe.

When you get used to watching what your teammates are doing you'll see that there's a lot more value to it than just avoiding teamkills. You can learn to, e.g. try to time your arrival at, or engagement of, the enemy flag or target to roughly coincide with the arrival/engagement by your friendlies. That is a great tactical advantage for both you and your teammates that you can achieve without even coordinating interactively with them.

Air Troll a.k.a. starking018
Born-1942Date: Sunday, 2017-11-05, 6:33 PM | Message # 5
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I believe that I do not do so much team kills, but I would like to know who does more team kills on here. hehehe  biggrin 

I always try to be careful, it was really sad when I kill a friend, sometimes I do not know who I killed and this is embarrassing. so know that when I kill some of you, know that it was really unintentional and I will always try to avoid it.

Nicknames BornDarkness and Soldado da Wehrmacht
Forum » [FHSW] Europe 0.611 Server: » Suggestions: » For everybody who wants more teamplaying (m) (Avoid teamkills & improve your teamplay)
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