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How should my FHSW advertisment sound like (r)
kukimuki1234Date: Friday, 2018-02-02, 5:13 PM | Message # 1
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I think it would be best to together make FHSW advertisment,so it could attract more people.Xenanab and Marduk Help,make a Add
mardukDate: Friday, 2018-02-02, 6:04 PM | Message # 2
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First of all: where do you want to advertise FHSW?

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo.

Marduk aka Postduk
kukimuki1234Date: Friday, 2018-02-02, 6:47 PM | Message # 3
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Some Facebook groups like War Thunder Worldwide and some other groups that are about military games(and sometimes WW2 history groups)
XenanabDate: Saturday, 2018-02-03, 1:55 PM | Message # 4
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First of all thank you for your effort to help spread the word about this mod.

To be honest the very best way to make this thing here appear interesting to new players is by communicating it as that what it actually is: a modification for Battlefield 1942.

In my opinion you will NEVER make this mod appear interesting to players who have no conection with Battlefield 1942, the Battlefield series or multiplayer FPS in general.

First you have to talk to fans of the genre and the gameplay.
Then after that you can try to appeal to all this extended WW2 fanservice.

So by going to game forums where a specific type of game is discussed that has no conection whatsoever to Battlefield: Just don't even try it. Only talk about it in the "Other Games"-section.

And then some quick rules on how to advertise something:

- do NOT spam
- do NOT discredit anything (for example "Hey you BF fans! The new games SUCK!!!!! Play this game - with its stoneage graphics - instead !!")
- write a good introduction of who you even are
- EXPLAIN what this mod actually is (mod for BF42 -> mod for FH1 -> Japanese developers who wanted to add secret weapons -> extended WW2 additions in general)
- then show some pictures / videos
- and then very IMPORTANT: link our server or the Japanese server (connection details / when players meet up)
- then link the installation tutorial on our website or moddb

Message edited by Xenanab - Saturday, 2018-02-03, 1:57 PM
pepenas23Date: Saturday, 2018-11-10, 9:30 PM | Message # 5
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like this:

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