2011/08/25 The heavy artillery for FHSW 0.5
2011/08/25 The heavy artillery for FHSW 0.5

In early 1930's, Red army corps artillery had equipped M1910 107 mm Cannon. This gun developed by French Schneider, was good performance at 1910's, but it was already out of date in 1930's. At this time, Red army aims to Maneuver warfare, so motorized long range artillery was absolutely imperative. Some modernization program had been applied to M1910, but it was insufficiency.

Before modernization of M1910, at Russina civil war, Red army noticed the power of 120 mm river gun boat. From this experience and displeasure with M1910, Red army decided to develop a new 122 mm cannon for corps artillery. At this time, almost all artillery of red army had taken from white army. Its development was very slow and careful because they never developed new artillery. First design was completed in 1928, and prototype development was accepted in 1929, First test was in October 1931. In this test, some failure has found in muzzle break and barrels, and send back to No.38 factory and modified, then in 1933, the gun was accepted as 122 mm A-19 at last. But its development still continued till 1935. In March 1936, the gun was accepted for Red army corps artillery as A-19 122 mm M1931. The development took 8 years and 5 months, it is reflection of guardedness. In later, it was modified to extend elevation angle, and named M1931/37.

Because A-19 was developed as long range corps artillery, its muzzle velocity was enough high for anti-tank role. In 1941, this artillery helps to burn down german offensive in front of Moscow, And In 1943, it was effective against powerful German new tanks, and helped to averting a catastrophe as Red army's last hope.

The carriage of M1931 was very good for heavy artillery, because it can towed with high speed by automobile and its horizonal traverse was wider. Naturally、 there was plan to applying this carriage to another artillery. M1910/30 152 mm Howitzer was especially good for this plan because its range was quite long so barrel was extended from old howitzer. The combination of Modified M1937 carriage and 152 mm barrel was accepted as 152 mm ML-20 Howitzer, was used not only counter battery by its long range second to A-19, but also put on direct firing missions against tanks and heavy fortifications and greatly succeeded. In later years, this gun was applied to SU/ISU series heavy assault guns as Red army direct firing artillery.

These two artillery was both quite good, but bit heavy though they can be towed by automobil, and many gun were captured By German forces because their mobility was not so great. Germans noticed these gun's fabulous quickly, and give capture weapon number, 12.2 cm K390 to A-19, and 15.2 cm K433 to ML-20, even had produced ammunitions for these guns and used. Also carriage was used for German guns, the 12.8 cm L/55 PaK44, then developed Anti-tank / Field cannon 12.8 cm K81/2.

In FHSW, We traded this gun from Battlegroup42 MOD, and have applied new unique texture. In-game performance of A-19 and comrades, they can be act as super anti-tank guns. Despite their maximum range too long for battlefield maps, it means short trajectory time, and it is good for quick adjustment fire in indirect firing. Overall, they are less powerd than super heavy artillerys like B-4, but easy handled like current anti-tank guns.

This time, another one artillery is added for Red army. The 52-K 85 mm AA Gun, which fills a void of Red army air defence. This gun was accepted in 1939 and become main air defence of Red army, and also used for anti-tank role similar to famous German 88 mm Flak.


85 mm AA in game may fits to Red army high altitude air defence which was lacked before. And it is also good anti-tank guns from early wartime like A-19. its caliber is relatively small and its effect is not too great, but 360 highspeed rotating makes this gun easy.

Additionally, we will introduce one more artillery. The Experimantal High-Power 10 cm Cannon. The root of this gun is 1930's Experimental fixed 10 cm AA gun, which had 65 caliber barrell and semi automatic loading machine, and abandoned. Tha AA gun barrel was attached to Type 96 15 cm Howitzer as new field cannon and tested. Because it was high velocity AA gun, its maximum range was quite long, more than 20 km. The cannon was completed at almost same time to Type 96 15 cm Howitzer, but it abandoned once .It comes back in 1943, by requirement of powerful anti tank guns against Allied new heavy tanks. Higher penetration of this gun was required.

Because this gun was development source of 10 cm anti tank gun. also in-game anti tank performance is quite dramatically. It might effective against not only slope armored medium tanks, but also upcoming new Allied heavy tanks. Also indirect firing performance is quite good by its velocity and accuracy. Its destruction performance might weaker than Type 96 15 cm Howitzer, it can be easily adjusted falling point.

This time we introduced new artillery. But FHSW 0.5 carries more new contents! Wait till FHSW 0.5!

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