Additions to the Pershing family

Almost immediately after the M4 Sherman was standardized, the US Ordnance Department started work on a successor. Three series of medium tanks were developed, the T20, T22, and T23 where the main difference laid in the chosen transmission.

The E3 variant with torsion bar suspension and 76 mm gun was developed to fight the poor weight distribution and excessive ground pressure the original T23 model had. A prototype was completed but further developement was cancelled.

The T23E3 is already placed on the map Operation Nordwind but it has been recoded and retextured for the release of FHSW 0.5.



The T26E2 (also known as M45) was a variant of the M26 Pershing and designed as medium close support tank fitted with a 105 mm howitzer. The hull front was protected by 100 mm-thick steel armor, and the turret shield even by 200 mm-thick steel armor! The massive armor was necessary to compensate for the installation of the 105 mm howitzer M4, which was heavier and shorter than the M3 90 mm gun of the M26.

With the heavy armor and powerful howitzer you’ll be able to break even through strong enemy defences! You also have the chance to load HEAT shells for tank combat. Here you can take advantage of the armor and drive directly towards your enemy to get an accurate shot off with the low velocity howitzer.



The Heavy Tank T29 was an American heavy tank project started in March 1944 to counter the new German tanks since the M26 Pershing wasn’t really a match for the new Tiger II. When the prototype was finished it weighed about 70 tons and was highly comparable to the German Tiger II in terms of both firepower and protection.

In 1945, with the war in Europe already over a small order proposed on the basis that their large guns and heavy armor would be useful for attacking Japanese bunkers. Army Ground Forces command, however, objected to the deployment of such heavy vehicles and the war ended before the issue was resolved.
The mantlet armor (up to 279 mm!) is so thick that the current limit of 250 mm in FHSW had to be increased, the new limit is now at 800 mm. Since the hull is "only" about 100 mm thick a good tactic is to use the environment to your advantage and cover these more vulnerable parts so that only the heavily armored turret is visible.

The T29 is armed with a very powerful 105 mm L/65 tank gun, coaxial twin M2 Brownings, one flexible M2 for AA purposes and a M1919A4 Browning in the bow.


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