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Churchill Kangaroo

The Kangaroo was an APC variant of the Churchill tank. For this purpose the turret was dropped and the opening closed. The Kangaroo concept proved to be very successful and was first used by the Canadians who used obsolete M7 Priest‘s. It was then quickly adopted by the Brits.

Inside of the Churchill Kangaroo is room for a driver, a machine gun operator and four soldiers. The armor protection and climb ability is clearly superior to the regular M3 half-track, the overall speed is significantly lower though. There are also variants that have the additional armor which was introduced in a previous news. That makes the Churchill Kangaroo even more durable and gives you the opportunity to transport infantry savely even through heavy enemy fire.


Churchill ARV

Although looking very similar to the Kangaroo the Churchill ARV has a completely different task. It’s a recovery tank and has therefore the same ability as the already available Bergetiger. That means you can repair friendly vehicles if you’re close to them. Because of the good protection and low silhouette it’s possible to repair them even during battles and tip the balance in your favor!



The ISU-T was a russian recovery vehicle based on the ISU-122. It also comes without the main armament and has the same repair ability as the Churchill ARV but is a bit faster and can so keep up with other tanks easier. The 12.7 mm DShK machine gun on top has more power and is also more flexible than the Churchill’s Besa but the operator isn’t safe from infantry weapons.

Another new vehicle is the APC variant of the ISU-T. It looks very similar and offers seats for four people inside.


Chi-Ha APC

Another derived APC, this time based on the Chi-Ha. It doesn’t really offer the same protection as the Churchill or ISU and is only armed with a Type 97 7.7 mm bow machine gun.


All the APC’s can also appear as a mobile spawnpoint on the map, either permanent or temporarily via mouse click from the driver. In addition he has the chance to drop a machine gun kit from the back of the tank.

For the recovery tanks there’s a new vehicle icon on the mini-map to help you finding them in the heat of a battle.

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1 Manns   [Entry]
How could they leave the tanks when the exit was blocked with wood planks ? biggrin

2 Endless_Nameless   [Entry]
Good question, maybe through the emergency exit?

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