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Server-side modding 0.61 - New thread (m)
bubuDate: Wednesday, 2020-07-22, 9:54 AM | Message # 1
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Previous SSM thread: Old SSM thread
For everybody:
Please feel free to post suggestions for server side modding.
For modders: Please explicitly post the intended changes in this thread before applying them.

New policies in place: To prevent miscommunication, misunderstandings, doing changes without listing them in this thread, delays in implementation, etc., Marduk will only collect and post the SSM requests and suggestions. I will then work with E3 and Radio in order to implement them correctly and in some defined time frame that would not span months.
It would be ideal if we could gather more SSM modders than Radio and E3, anyone up for this task, please check: SSM Modding Documentation

Current SSM modders:
  •  Radiosmersh (Currently on vacation)
  •  E-3

    Changes that were introduced in the 0.611 version (document made by Radio): List of changes

    List of applied SSMs: (needs manual updating)

    A Day of Zitadelle
  • Reinstated Ferdinand; spawn is attached to the hut flag, so once Germans cap it, it won't respawn anymore
  • Removed Bergetiger
  • Removed fly-by Stukas and Il2-s

  • replaced B29 kit with 2 P51 kits, with 40 second respawn instead of 100 seconds
  • increased maxnumberspawn of T29 to 2

    • Killercage size reduced from 25 m to 5 m

    Battle at River Don
  • Increased respawn time of 88 by 100 seconds, captured T-34's - by 30 seconds, Sd.Kfz.251 with Pak 40 - by 30 second

    Battle of Angaur
  • Replaced Lion with Jenkins (Fletcher class destroyer)
  • Removed one of the additional Japanese spawn points in the woods (south of flag 5)
  • Removed Japanese spawn APC
  • Immobilized aircraft carrier
  • Replaced LST-1 with 2x LCT Mk 5 because it's bugged and causes lags

    Battle of Foy
  • Allies now bleed until they capture flag 3
  • Decreased Goliath spawn time from 5.5 to 2.5 minutes
  • Increased minimal amount of players and time needed to capture last flag

    Battle of Luzon
  • decreased respawn time of US vehicles

    Battle of the Bulge
    • Removed Jagdtiger, Pz II and Hetzer
    • Exchanged 1x StuG and 1x Pz IV with 2x SdKfz 251
    • Added 1x spawn APC with repair function based on Pz IV (respawn time between 100 and 120 s)
    • Made Brummbär counterspawn only when Allies main flag (fuel depot) gets taken

    Battle over Hokkaido
  • Banzai kit that spawns in the tent at Axis main base now has an explosion power of SturmTiger's rocket
  • Two additional Tiger spawn

    Berlin Outskirts
  • Changed Maus to Elephant

  • Hafthohlladung pickup kits
  • Gebalte Ladung in Italian AT kit is replaced with Kampfpistole (40 mm HEAT ammunition)

  • Vehicle layout restored to pre-v0.6 state.

    Bombing the Reich
  • lowered objective HP from 260.000 to 100.000
  • Ships' respawn time increased to 6 minutes.

    Desert Rose
  • Replaced Bf 109G-2s with Bf 109G-6

    Eagles Nest 1945
  • Doubled the respawn time of Greyhound
  • Added 15 seconds to the spawn time of Sherman w/ sandbags

  • Restored tickets to default FH0.7 values (25% more than in FHSW)
  • Changed flag values from to 40 to 25 (default in FH), so now Germans will have to capture only 2 flags instead of 3 to stop the bleed

  • French tanks in Germain main base replaced by Pz II/38 (t)

    Eagles Nest 45
  • Slightly rotated Pak 40 near the tunnel flag so that it can fire on the road below

    Eastern Blitz
  • Replaced one Pz. II with Pz. IV Ausf.
  • Decreased the total amount of spawnable Pz. IIIs at the same time from 2 to 1

    El Alamein
  • replaced Leopard with Pz III Ausf. J
  • replaced towable Flak 18 with one on SdFkz 8 to avoid AA spamming
  • When Axis/Allies take North flag at the buildings in F1 spawns:
    -halftruck with permanent spawn
    -one stationary 88 mm gun (that also respawns when Allies take that flag)
    -two stationary PAKs (50 mm for Germans (with APCR rounds), 57 mm for Allies)
    -two MG-kits with mines
    -one sniper rifle
    -one 2 cm-/Bofors-Flak on the roof

    Fall Gelb-1940
  • added killer cage around French which dissapears after Germans capture all other flags
  • fixed mobile Flak 18 and Stug double spawn
  • Char B1's spawn time decreased by 45 seconds
  • One of the R35 tanks replaced with a Somua S-35
  • Removed one remote Stuka kit, also they don't respawn anymore
  • increased (30%) bleedrate for both teams

    Fall Weiß
  • Replaced Pz. III Ausf. E with Pz. IV Ausf. D

    Fht Operation Dracula
  • Immobilized Allied carrier
  • Removed the British destroyer
  • Added Chi-Ha APC that spawns after Allies capture the docks flag

  • fixed a bug which made the Japanese cruiser Agano not spawn, now spawns when Allies take the village flag because the Allied cruiser also only spawns when the Japanese take that flag

    Hungary Forest
  • Increased ticket ratio by 75%

  • Teamlocked ISU-152

    In the Hell of Bocage
  • Decreased Firefly respawn time from 150 to 100 seconds

    Kasserine Pass
  • Removed death zones at Allied base.

    Kharkov Winter
  • added 2 Schwimmwagens to German main base
  • 37 mm AA gun now spawns when Soviets take hill flag
  • added SdKfz 10/5 instead of Kettenkrad with Flak 30
  • added M3A1 with towable Bofors for Soviets
  • removed obstacles at the north bridge
  • Changed Axis spotter kit to Ju 88 with bombload of 6x250kg and 28x50kg
  • added one sniper kit to each main base
  • peplaced Carro Armato M13/40 and Semovente da 47/32 with Panzer IV
  • peplaced one of the fighters on both sides with Ju87D and IL2 respectively
  • added Flak 18 on Sd.Kfz. 8 chassis as countermeasure Soviet heavy tanks (spawns when they capture eastern flag)
  • Replaced Bf 109G-6 with Bf 109E

    Khota Bharu
  • Bleed ratio increased by the 20% percent for both teams

    Operation Forager
  •  D4 flag removed

    Operation Goodwood
  • The double Tortoise spawner now releases only one tank

    Op. Kikusui Day 1
  • Removed wrenches from Japanese kits
  • Lowered Yamato HP from 108k to 98k (the lowest option availible in map files)

    Op. Kikusui Day 2
  • Moved American fleet and spawnrotator planes closer to the Japanese base.

  • Churchill Kangaroo in Russian main base does not respawn once the flag is capped by Germans.

  • Replaced usual Daihatsu boats on Tsurumi oiler with tanks and field guns
  • Added one halftruck to each flag on the island
  • Added spawnable AT kit for Allies
  • Increased the range of sight from 500 to 1000m
  • Axis are in poccession of sea flags from the start
  • respawn time of submarines increased to 2 mins
  • self-destroy timer for unused ships removed

  • Made flags marked by number 4 on the minimap recappable

  • Removed Jagdtiger that spawns at 3rd flag
  • Replaced Maus with Jagdtiger

  • Tiger with autoloading cannon now counterspawns in Axis main base

  • Moved plane spawnpoints at the last flag, so they don't explode immediately after spawning.
  • Increased time needed to capture flags from 10 to 15 seconds.

    Seelow Heights
  • Axis reinforcements (spawn-PZ IV + 2 * Panther and 2 * Stug) spawn on the road leading from the southeastern border of the map when Axis main gets taken

    Stalingrad Redsquare
  • four flags removed
  • train remove

    Stashuv Area
  • Changed Soviet assault kit with PPSh to officer's kit w/ binoculars
  • Added sniper kit to the Soviet main base (in one of the tents)
  • teamlocked ISU-152

    The Merville Battery
  • Increased the bleedrate by 30%

    The Nebelwerfer Hunt
  • Removed "Giesskanne"

    Trois Points
  • Replaced usual 6pdr's with longer barrel version

    Tulagi Island
  • Increased tickets amount by 100%

    Westminster 1942
  • Additional Typhoon w/ rockets kit, which spawns near a pile of barrels at British main base.

  • Lowered insane Axis bleed from 100 to 8 tickets per min (twice as much as Allied)
  • Removed two SP Tortoises which spawn at the second flag
  • Slightly raised position of the static MG42 overlooking the wooden bridge at flag 2

  • Restored missing knife in German AT kit
    starking018Date: Tuesday, 2021-10-12, 8:41 PM | Message # 61
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    Quote marduk ()
    Is somebody still doing SSMs?If yes, please remove the big tank landing ship from Battle of Gela. There are always some guys from the Kindergarten on the server who think it is superfunny to drive it on land and fuck up the whole map...

    I think it should also be possible to disable the unbeaching function at least for this map, and prevent the problem this way, without removing the ship altogether.

    I'll link this post to mappers on the Discord server.

    Air Troll a.k.a. starking018

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    E-3Date: Wednesday, 2021-10-13, 4:16 PM | Message # 62
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    Quote marduk ()
    Is somebody still doing SSMs?If yes, please remove the big tank landing ship from Battle of Gela. There are always some guys from the Kindergarten on the server who think it is superfunny to drive it on land and fuck up the whole map...

    Removing the entire ship that is absolutely too radical marduk.
    I love the uniqueness of the vessels we have in this game there is not a single game out there that has a landing ship so we shouldn't have to remove it.
    However the players responsible should now be punished  for this  misbehaviour.

    Getting the big LST-1 landingship on land is not actually done with the pushback button since it doesn't have to power to push it on the land.

    The bug on the big LST-1 landing ship is actually done by the deployable machine gun.

    This is causing the bug that makes objects fly so to fix this is to remove every mobile spawnable machine gun.
    So they cannot abuse the bug.

    However the easiest solution I think is to punish those responsible for this misbehaviour.

    Don't get me wrong I get why they doing it because it's funny to see but if you do it in every freaking round it  loses the funniness and just becomes annoying.

    I'm an old bf1942 player I go far back all the way to 2002
    and I also play cnc generals.

    Message edited by E-3 - Wednesday, 2021-10-13, 5:30 PM
    mardukDate: Thursday, 2021-10-14, 11:51 AM | Message # 63
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    Quote E-3: "This is causing the bug that makes objects fly so to fix this is to remove every mobile spawnable machine gun."

    Then do it please.

    "However the easiest solution I think is to punish those responsible for this misbehaviour."

    No, when you kick them afterwards it is too late already. We need a better solution.

    This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

    Quid pro quo.

    Marduk aka Postduk
    GameplayerDate: Thursday, 2021-10-14, 12:01 PM | Message # 64
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    I have acually witnessed that if they want to get LST-1 on land. They need to turn it around.
    So if we catch them doing it (turning the ship around) we can then kick them.

    Is this solution?

    Hates too quick judgement.

    aka Gameplayer or Gameplayer500
    milotheapacheDate: Monday, 2022-07-11, 7:29 PM | Message # 65
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    i made SSM for alaska adding another T-29 spawn so now allies can have up to 4 T-29 tanks (2 spawn points each point can spawn 2 tanks) this was made to balance out the game since soviets get is4 and is3 and alot of good tanks
    Berlin Uprising in order to help out axis a bit especially because soviets can destroy all axis vehicles before axis can use them (all axis vehicles dont respawn) i made a 2nd version of the map that spawns a T-VI-100_ger (german captured soviet captured tiger with 100mm gun),this can be either implemented as it is in next mappack or could be added with ssm but one spawn object have to be sacrificed in order to add it as ssm
    Desert hill SSM (already applied to server)  changes attack planes for british side into hurricanes with 2x 250kg bombs, soviet attack planes to il-2 with 2x 250kg bombs, adds fighters for both sides (spit fire mk XI,YAK9 with 3x 20mm guns) and fixes TB3 spawn that spawns in British base and turned it into an IL-4 (normal bomb loadout) that spawns at soviet base this was made to balance out the game a bit, and adding the air assets that fit the map
    would like your opinion on these and if they should be applied to server or no

    [b]Member Of ABU BUBU BRIGADES

    in game kast7n

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    milotheapacheDate: Monday, 2022-07-11, 11:21 PM | Message # 66
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    Suggestion for alaska aswell (i can fix if approve!)
    Change the besrcat fighter for usa to a sbd-3
    Sbd 3 is old but can provide bombing support! It can help clearing out main base entrance of US team (around the capturable airfield and A3 flag,furthermore sbd 3 is not hard to shootdown (dshk and planes can take it outl and it is not armed to the teeth so it need constant rearms

    [b]Member Of ABU BUBU BRIGADES

    in game kast7n
    jeanstonezeDate: Tuesday, 2022-07-12, 2:33 PM | Message # 67
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    As well as the above suggestions from kast7n that wait for approval, here are the ssms that were made and uploaded to server for last 1 year+, please update first post if possible.
    - all flags grey and cap time increased to 10+10 seconds
    Battle of Iwo Jima
    - all initial kits with random weapons switched to the ones without them (random weapons reported to produce mass crashes)
    - added killer cages to last 3 flags to make flag-by-flag push
    - removed all PTRD kits
    Desert Hill
    - changes british planes into hurricanes with 2x 250kg bombs
    - changes soviet planes to il-2 with 2x 250kg bombs
    - adds fighters for both sides (spit fire mk XI,YAK9 with 3x 20mm guns)
    - fixes TB3 spawn that spawns in British base and turned it into an IL-4 (normal bomb loadout) that spawns at soviet base
    - one of german initial kits (the one with captured PTRD) changed to another kit
    - pz 2 near factory slightly moved, defgun slightly rotated
    - flag values changed
    - tickets drop for germans made slower
    I think that is all...

    Jan Paul a.k.a. DALlDA